Toddler castle with farmyard design, perfect for a childrens party

Our smallest castle, only suitable for toddlers.

It has a lovely farmyard theme.

£60 per day hire*

Requires 13ft x 10ft area with a height of 7ft.

Our farmyard toddler bouncy castle is a fun and exciting play item designed for young children. The bouncy castle is typically made with vibrant colors and features various farmyard animals, such as cows, pigs, and sheep, to create a playful and engaging atmosphere.

The castle is made from durable and safe materials, which ensure the safety of the toddlers as they jump, play and have fun. The bouncy castle is also designed with safety features such as inflatable walls and soft landing pads to prevent any accidents or injuries.

Overall, a farmyard toddler bouncy castle is a great addition to any party or play area, providing hours of entertainment and fun for young children.